Meet Silvana Lobin, SEF Ambassador of the first hour, so to speak, who moderated a SEF event and is keeping you updated with the review blogs of our events.

What are you doing right now? One sentence, short and sweet.
I just finished my Bachelor and am currently doing the editing and picture selection for a calendar published yearly by the NGO Society for Threatened People.

What is one random piece of information about you?
I collect funny and artsy postcards, that I buy in museums or find in pubs – I have over 300 of them and not nearly enough room on my wall 😀

How did you first become interested in social entrepreneurship?
For me the whole reason why I started studying business in the frist place was to try to find ways to make it more socially responsible. I first heard about social entrepreneurship in a class at university and then got really into it when I joined SEF because I thought – yes, that’s it, that’s how you can bring those two sides together.

What is your motivation behind SEF?
I want to contribute to spreading the concept of social entrepreneurship and the idea that a commitment to social issues and a good business sense are not mutually exclusive. I also love that I get to meet and learn from so many inspiring people. 

How do you envision yourself and social entrepreneurship in the future?
In a nutshell: I want to bring people together. I think one of the most intriguing and yet challenging aspects of social change is that it can’t be accomplished by just one person, but rather needs the combined creative energy of many people – people from different cultures, with different skills and their own unique set of experiences. And while we can usually agree on what the general issue is, when we go further into detail, it becomes clear that almost everyone has a slightly different idea on how to approach it. Everyone has an individual perspective, but in my mind that’s precisely what is necessary for social change. So I think it’s a lot about how we communicate with each other and whether we look at our differences as something that divides us, or as something that enriches our lives.

What’s on your bookshelf at the moment?
Bill Bryson – Down Under
Hannah Arendt – Nach Auschwitz
Isabel Allende – Das Geisterhaus
Stephen Hawking – A short history of time

One piece of advice to business students?
There is still this idea that in business, in order for someone to make a profit, someone else has to lose – which is a pretty depressing thought. So be reflective, talk to as many different people as you can, try to form your own opinion and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

If you want to know more, find Silvana on LinkedIn or send her an email at