This Sunday we introduce Markus Kamleitner, our newest ambassador and responsible for aligning our ideas in what constitutes a social business. 

What are you doing right now? One sentence, short and sweet.
Currently I am working part-time as an accountant for a company specialised within the branch of logistics.

What are your summer plans?
As it came to the point of what my summer will look like this year, I decided exploring the beauty of Austria would be the best choice. Being in my mid 20s and not having seen a lot of the country where I was born bothers me a bit.

What is one random piece of information about you?
With 196cm I definitely serve too many double faults during a match of tennis.

How did you first become interested in social entrepreneurship?
When I had to decide what my bachelor thesis topic was going to be, I came across an interesting and relevant book from Muhammad Yunus at the library of WU. I started my research and ultimately wrote my thesis about the Grameen Experiment.

What is your motivation behind SEF?
First of all, I think it is definitely about the underlying mission SEF stands for, namely to increase the awareness of social entrepreneurship amongst WU students.
Being an ambassador for SEF enables me to spread the idea of social and sustainable methods of doing business. On top of that I see it as a huge opportunity to connect with likeminds and get inspired on a daily basis.
Last but not least it is always also about the people you work with. On this point we go nuts and no one beats us 🙂

How do you envision yourself and social entrepreneurship in the future?
In a time where too many different institutions depend on each other, someone might come to the conclusion that real change can only appear from people themselves. So do I!
Ultimately our western society needs a totally different approach of how someone or something gets valued. In a scenario in which for companies social impact is as important as the dollars earned during a fiscal year, the world would be a better place. In the end, I am convinced that every (private) person can make an impact for a socially better world. That’s also what keeps me going in what I am doing.

What’s on your bookshelf at the moment?
Atlas of Globalisation – Le monde diplomatique
Core Areas of Phsychology – Karl Lahmer

One piece of advice to business students?
If I had one piece of advice specifically to business students, I would tell them that happiness is only temporary but fullfillment can last for life. I would add that young people therefore should always strive for meaningful work instead of a big salary.

If you have follow-up questions, you can find Markus on LinkedIn or reach him at