Meet the SEF Team! Up today: Jana Christina FĂ€lbl, who is responsible for Involvement, Event Coordination and Website Development.

What are you doing right now? One sentence, short and sweet.
Studying pedagogy and didactics to become a teacher next fall. #excited 😀

What is one random piece of information about you?
I would love to have a nickname, but my first name is too short, so nobody ever gave me one. I can recommend JC.

How did you first become interested in social entrepreneurship?
Through a class at WU called “Social Entrepreneurship” in early 2014, and especially through the introduction to the Impact Hub Vienna – a place where the social entrepreneurship spirit is simply in the air.

What is your motivation behind SEF?
For me, SEF is about the people. It helps me to meet those who strive for more than just to make a living. With SEF, I want to create a broad community of students and young professionals, who desire to make the world a better place by being creative innovators. Because of SEF I am allowed to work with people who inspire me everyday.

How do you envision yourself and social entrepreneurship in the future?
I have not yet decided, whether I want to become a social founder myself, or someone who is making change happen in a public sector organisation. What is certain, though, is that I want my work to be focused on fostering educational equality.

What’s on your bookshelf at the moment?
“Herausforderung Migration” (engl. the challenge migration) by Hans Winkler – a book on how we can manage the current challenges due to immigration.

One piece of advice to business students?
Whether business or not – use your skills wisely. Don’t only take your own career or profit goals into account, but think about how the work you (will) do affects others. We are facing challenging times of various conflicts and cultural, ethical, religious misunderstandings. This is why I truly believe that it is highly important to our society that we as a generation focus our efforts on collaboration instead of competition.

Find Jana on LinkedIn or contact her at if you have any more questions.