Read about what Simon from the NPO Leila Wien has to say about sharing and social entrepreneurship.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Library of things.

Which problem do you solve?
We enable access to a lot of reusable things without buying them, thus for making the use ecologically and financially more efficient.

How does your business model work?
We are a non-profit, so we only need to cover the costs with our income and not create a profit. Our members pay a yearly fee to get access to the lending pool.

What is Social Entrepreneurship to you? And what is it not?
Social Entrepreneurship is a trending term. For me a main requirement is that the social goals a startup sets itself are determining the shape of the whole organization. Creating profit should be a secondary if at all a goal.

What are the toughest challenges you have to face by running a social business?
As all of our work is voluntary and unpaid, time is the limiting factor. To run a long term project with a team consisting of volunteers can be challenging.

What is your vision for Social Entrepreneurship in Austria?
It should not be an exception that businesses aim for the social wellbeing of a society or a group within. In the future it should be a requirement. If you want to make a profit with a business, it has to have positive effects on society and environment. A lot of businesses nowadays do not.

A little piece of advice for social entrepreneurs to be?
Talk to as many people as possible and meet all kinds of role models while you plan your project. Almost everything has been done before.

If you could put up a huge billboard anywhere – what would it say?
Sharing is back. Leila Wien

Simon is co-founder of Leila Wien. Read more about it on their website: