Hey everyone and welcome back to the new semester! To kick it off, we all went to an event hosted by the Novomatic Forum and organised by the Julius Raab Foundation called “Unfuck the economy”. The lovely people on the panel included: State Secretary Harald Mahrer, Markus Gull, president of the Julius Raab Foundation, Johannes Lindner, founder of the Initiative Teaching Entrepreneurship, Philip Siefer, CEO and Co-Founder of Einhorn and last but not least, Christine Jama, one of our very own SEF Co-Founders (whoop whoop).

Now, what does that mean, Unfuck the economy? The idea put forward was that instead of saying “fuck the economy” as it so often happens nowadays, it would be better to view the economy not as the problem, but as part of the solution. In fact, economy today is often synonymous with big corporations, when in fact “the economy” is all of us. So, how can we “unfuck the economy”?

The overall tenor from the panel was that what we need is more entrepreneurial responsibility, meaning that entrepreneurs and business people should not only preach but live the values our society holds dear, by incorporating them into how their business is run. In addition, we should leave more room for innovation, self-creation and self-determination, by teaching not just adults but also kids in school how to conquer challenges, deal with failure and be self-reliant.

Of course these are all valuable ideas, but is it enough? Share your thoughts and be sure to check out our next post, where we will be reflecting on the event and the thoughts expressed there – #officialteaser