We are back – and ready to spread the love for Social Business! So to start off the semester we took part in Gründen in Wien (“Founding in Vienna”), together with FuckUpNights and The Changer, hosted by the lovely CoSpace team. Wanna know what Social Entrepreneurship is all about and how to start generating new ideas? Well, we were there to talk about exactly that.

And, since we love innovation like cute little puppies, we decided to add something new to our idea generating process (if you’re curious what we’ve done so far, feel free to check out posts from last term)  – the 5 Whys. Which basically means asking the question why five times in a row, each answer forming the basis for the next question. What sounds to be a somewhat philosophical approach is in a fact a great tool to get to the real cause of a problem. Why? Because what you see of an issue is usually just one symptom of many. Asking why repeatedly makes you dig deeper and get to the root cause of the problem.

And that is vital in Social Businesses. Because knowing the exact nature of an issue, with all its intricacies, will help you to solve it faster, more efficiently and sustainably, and with a more effective outcome. So, to kick off this semester, let’s all pick something that really grinds our gears, sit down with others who are affected by it and start asking: Why?


Yeah but…Why? 😉


PS: If you wanna know more about how to adress the needs of your target group take a look at this article on design thinking.