On Thursday the 4th of May we started our new format SPIELWIESE (=playground) with an intensive pitching workshop with Toni Kronke from Teach for Austria.

With the format SPIELWIESE we aim to intensify the frequency of our activities at SEF – Giving you the opportunity to connect, share and learn in an interactive, open and inspiring setting! At our SPIELWIESE we provide space and expert knowledge for practical learning experiences as well as opportunities to connect on a weekly basis. The format is meant for students and social entrepreneurs (to be) alike.

Wanting to expand our daily needed knowledge about communication strategies we invited the head of recruitment from Teach for Austria to share his learnings and expert knowledge on pitching a social business with us. Based on the so-called golden circle principle (why-how-what), we quickly learned to share the vision of our social business (ideas) in an inspiring way. Not only did we learn how to pitch our ideas within 30 (!) seconds, we also worked to integrate our audience’s interests into our short speeches. It was an engaging and fun experience to see all of the pitches become highly concrete and tailored to the listeners.

The workshop was very practical and interesting – not only for social entrepreneurs, but also for other people who wanted to share something important with different stakeholders. We are, therefore, grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank Toni Kronke and Teach for Austria for this special SPIELWIESE kick-off!

If you are interested in visiting a SPIELWIESE or in developing a SPIELWIESE yourself, we are looking forward to hearing from you!

See you next Thursday at 4pm #Gründungszetrum #WUWien #SEF