Welcome to our blog, dear SEFsters and newbies!

You might ask yourself: Why is SEF blogging?

It really breaks down to two aspects.

First of all, you, our community, form an essential pillar of the Social Entrepreneurship Forum. And we, the people behind SEF, want to be as transparent as possible. This includes how we work and also who we are. Therefore, via this blog, we want to give you a glimpse behind the scenes and keep you up to date. Capturing our progress, learning from it and sharing our passion is also a main aim of this blog.

Secondly, we aim to broaden perspectives and inspire to take action. This blog will therefore serve as a platform for creating content, sharing knowledge and making Social Entrepreneurship relatable. Furthermore, we want to involve you, so if there is anything you would like to say to other members of this community, we would be happy to give you a stage. We want you to discuss issues you are interested in.

So, what more to say? Spread the love and feel free to reach out to us (franziska@socialentrepreneurshipforum.org)!