About Franziska Graf

Franziska is co-founder of SEF and currently in Milan on exchange for her master degree in International Management. She is particularly interested in the people behind social entrepreneurship and telling their stories as well as impact investing and limitations of social entrepreneurship. At SEF Franziska is responsible for communications, brand building and event coordination. If you have any questions, simply get in touch via email: franziska@socialentrepreneurshipforum.org


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On Thursday the 4th of May we started our new format SPIELWIESE (=playground) with an intensive pitching workshop with Toni Kronke from Teach for Austria.

With the format SPIELWIESE we aim to intensify the frequency of our activities at SEF – Giving you the opportunity to connect, share and learn in an interactive, open and inspiring setting! At our SPIELWIESE we provide space and expert knowledge for practical learning experiences as well as opportunities to connect on a weekly basis. The format is meant for students and social entrepreneurs (to be) alike.


SEF introduces. Goran.

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Last, but definitely not least, is Goran Maric, who is responsible for brand building, involvement, sponsoring and strategy.


SEF introduces. Markus.

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This Sunday we introduce Markus Kamleitner, our newest ambassador and responsible for aligning our ideas in what constitutes a social business. 


SEF interviews. 1000 Worms.

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Drumroll for David Witzeneder, who tells us about 1000 Worms.


SEF introduces. Franziska.

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Meet the SEF Team! Up today: Franziska Graf, aka Fran, who is responsible for brand building, visual content and communications. 


SEF introduces. Marc.

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Up today on our Sunday interview is Marc Trebitsch, SEF Ambassador, whose exact role at SEF is still written in the stars. 


SEF interviews. Younited Cultures.

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Another interview, another social enterprise: Andra and Younited Cultures.


SEF introduces. Jana.

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Meet the SEF Team! Up today: Jana Christina Fälbl, who is responsible for Involvement, Event Coordination and Website Development.


SEF introduces. Silvana.

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Meet Silvana Lobin, SEF Ambassador of the first hour, so to speak, who moderated a SEF event and is keeping you updated with the review blogs of our events.


SEF introduces. Tine.

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Second SEFster to be introduced is Christine Jama, aka Tine, responsible for our information platform, event coordination, and the numbers.