The Social Entrepreneurship Forum

The Social Entrepreneurship Forum Vienna, SEF, is an initiative providing an event and information platform for social entrepreneurs
(to be) and other people interested in the field. SEF is based in Vienna, Austria and focuses its aims on the students of Vienna.

What we do

connect likeminds

connect likeminds

We connect likeminds by offering them a platform to develop their ideas. We establish and grow a community consisting of motivated individuals. What they have in common is a broad mind striving to create a link between societal, ecological and economic issues and the business world.

expand perspectives

expand perspectives

We expand perspectives on how to combine sustainable business models with social agendas to create positive impact on society and the environment. In the long-run, we aim to create a bigger picture, perceiving social engagement as a vital part of doing business.

inspire to take action

inspire to take action

We inspire to take action, encouraging and empowering our members to become active by providing room to create new ideas, inspiration and tools to go out and shape our society’s future.

Why Social Entrepreneurship?

Our society is facing a variety of unsolved social and ecological issues. Many of the current approaches to these challenges enforced by governments and the third sector are non-satisfactory or not fully sustainable, hence do not represent the ideal solution.

Due to these circumstances, there has been a rise in entrepreneurial activities committed to solving these issues at hand by employing innovative tools and solutions.


How we do it

Organise Events
Grow a community
Provide Information

We organize highly informative and interactive monthly events with guest speakers on social entrepreneurship, where attendees learn to make diverse business tools valuable to pursue their social impact goals.

We provide an online-platform for our members to communicate with each other and with us. By staying informed about their demands, we tailor our events to our community’s current interests and needs.

We act as an information hub by providing information & knowledge on social entrepreneurship through current research, insights and practices from the field as well as showcasing current players, events and developments within the ecosystem in Austria.

Team & Alumni